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News & Views - Feb, 1997 Issue #44

Ann Atwood, Managing Director
Hurricane, Utah
(800) 322-3094 -- (801) 635-5612 

We at Teen Escort are a service available to parents to transport their teen at risk. We escort with love, respect, and kindness; keeping in mind the safety and welfare of the teen. Our escorting teams are professionals; highly trained and experienced in the escorting processes and techniques. We understand that there are very few regulations in this type of service. We at Teen Escort set a high standard for ourselves. We have the insurance and training to insure the teen gets to the program with the least amount of risk, expense, and fuss. We are available 24 hr. A day/7 days a week. We are committed to let parents know the FULL cost of escorting, no strings attached. We will suggest different ways of reducing expenses for parents. We are committed to be honest with the teen; informing them about the program and what is happening to them. We are trained in defusing situations, not causing them. Our children are our greatest resource and when they are hurt, angry and out of control, we hurt with them. The decision to seek residential care may be the hardest, most painful and yet the most important decision parents will ever make. This decision is often the most loving and caring action taken. WE ARE COMMITTED TO TEENS AND PARENTS. We love helping them, even though they pull on our heart strings. Our teens need all of us pulling together for one common goal. 

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