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News & Views - Feb, 1997 Issue #44


Tuttle/Gundry Networking would like to take this opportunity to thank Lon Woodbury for his offer to let our Tour news become a portion of Woodbury Reports. Our last Educational Options newsletter will be out in February. We will continue to publish the Tuttle/Gundry School Directory with descriptions of all the schools that have been a part of our tours. Educational Options has been published in the past to inform our constituents regarding Tours. The increasing numbers of people who called requesting the Newsletter caused us to realize that publishing is not a business in which we choose to provide a service. Tours and consulting to assist programs and schools is where we feel our greatest impact in providing service to others. Jodi, while traveling in her sheep camp wagon, will continue to visit schools and write for Woodbury Reports. Thus, Tuttle/Gundry is free to serve our clients better and not have the worry of layout and publishing. 

Take care, 

(I want to take this opportunity to say that I am looking forward to working with Tuttle and Gundry who are doing an excellent service in bringing educational consultants together with schools and programs -Lon Woodbury)

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