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Seen 'n Heard - Dec, 1997 Issue (page 1)

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Headquartered in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, Northern Air, Inc., 208-267-3711, is an “on call” air charter service for the Northwest and further. They have experience transporting students to and from emotional growth schools and programs. They can obtain experienced escort personnel if necessary. “By flying direct, runaway opportunities are reduced,” and by its ability to fly into local community airports, can eliminate the need to drive to major commercial airports, and avoids the potential problems at a busy airport. The pilot is Dave Parker, who has been flying since 1980 and has over 1700 hours flight time and has his Instrument Rating. 

Seeking to buy or lease-option a campus, school, camp, or retreat center. The Alldredge Academy is presently seeking a site for a residential therapeutic-academic boarding school. Need to acquire property ASAP. Maximum purchase price of $2,000,000, 200+- acres, unless it’s adjacent to large BLM or other use-permit tracts, and land separated by natural boundaries if possible. Existing building or buildings critical. 2 hrs or less from major airport, 30 minutes from good town for staff. Aesthetic, attractive. Educated Talent Pool nearby: (social workers, therapists, college grads, teachers) Climate: temperate, little cold or snow. Call, fax, or email info to: Ted Knodel, The Alldredge Academy (360)752-1364, (801)674-0988 fax. 

Woodbury Reports Online (http://www.woodbury.com) “has been named an outstanding education-related site on the Web by The Education Index. At The Education Index we select sites which offer interesting, well organized, reliable information to busy people looking for the best sources in any of our 55 subject and 11 lifestage categories. Your site is in our Education and Parenting sections.” Granted in late October, Woodbury Reports Online systems administrator Bob Kirkpatrick of DogEar Inc. of Spokane, Washington said, “This is a significant award! These people only accept quality Web sites, unlike some Internet awards which are only granted to promote some business angle of the promoters.” Woodbury Reports has also been selected to be included in TimeCast, a listing of quality audio and video sites on the net. Woodbury Reports has been broadcasting interview and school video clips on its Internet website for several weeks. 

Sue Crowell, Executive Director of the SUWS Adolescent Program announced their Admissions Office will move to Gooding, Idaho on Nov. 17, 1997. The purpose is to help admissions people be in closer touch with the program and the progress of the students they enroll. Sue also announced that Jeff Johnson will be the new Admissions Director. Jeff is well known in the network by his several years of admissions work at Mt. Bachelor Academy in Bend, Oregon. Jeff is joined at SUWS by his wife, Dori Them, who will be their newest Field Supervisor. The admissions team in Gooding will be rounded out by Kathryn Shannonhouse and Michael Ervin. Linda McKinney will remain in southern California as Director of Marketing and Business Development. The Admissions phone number will remain the same at 888-879-7897. 

Clear View, owned and directed by Mary Thielbahr, in Sandpoint, Idaho, 208-263-5894, is a transitional residential experience for girls between the ages of 12 and 18 that has been in operation for about two years. The program can now handle a maximum of six girls, and depending on circumstances, can take girls in for short term respite of from one to three weeks. Clear view also now has an Expectant Mother’s Program. The purpose is to educate and prepare the girls for the responsibility of parenting in the most realistic ways possible. 

Those who have visited Bonners Ferry, Idaho, or would like to someday, can now do a virtual visit to see what the area is really like, or to keep in touch. A joint collaboration between Woodbury Reports Inc., located in Bonners Ferry, Dogear Inc. of Spokane, Washington, and Mike Weland, a Bonners (Seen n’Heard Continued) Ferry news reporter, Bonners Ferry Online Press contains news, photos, audio and video of events, people and happenings occurring in and around Bonners Ferry. 

David W. Hull, President of NAWA, in French Gulch, CA, 800-358-6292, announced the hiring of Jan Kells as “the new NAWA Principal following a six month nationwide search.” She succeeds Mike Pease who took a position with the Lodi Unified School District in California. Hull also announced The Snowboard USA program will use the Heavenly Valley Ski Resort in the Lake Tahoe area for their new training facility and lodging. The program was previously located in the Mount Shasta area in Northern California. Also, students in the Academy USA this Spring “will travel to the beautiful Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming to visit and participate in a two week cultural experience as guest of the Shoshone Indians.” This is the third intercultural experience for their itinerary which also includes visiting Native Alaskan villages as guests of the Chugach School District, and students will also live with families in the small town of San Vito in southern Costa Rica. 

Donald Rees, Headmaster at Squaw Valley Academy, at Olympic Valley, California, 916-583- 1558, announced the creation of a new program they call The Annex. This is for mildly at-risk students who, when they break the rules, can choose to go to the Annex rather than being expelled. While there, the students can earn their way back to the Academy through having a more structured week. Students at the Annex will attend classes on the main campus, and spend weekends on camp trips, but will miss out on many of the privileges most of the student body have. 

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