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News & Views - Dec, 1997 Issue #49

“Interactive Web-based Instruction Storms Treatment Centers”

Press Release
Association of Web-based Learning
Orem, Utah

Orem, Utah - Jacki Allred of the Association of Web-based Learning announced the 23rd of October that high school and college accredited courses instructed by certified teachers delivered by the internet are now available for treatment Programs across the country and the world. 

This announcement comes at a timely point when the educational programs of treatment facilities are being challenged. 

Initial courses that are available include; algebra, history, english, and literature. Reactions from current students favor such courses as Romeo and Juliet and Edgar Allen Poe. Within 6 months over 130 courses will be on-line. 

The Association of Web-based Learning courses include interactive, electronic communication with certified instructors, multi-media delivery of content and complete on- line grading and test taking. 

Classes create an exciting interactive educational experience that is often more personal than experienced in a face to face classroom.

Jacki Allred is co-author of the guide book, “Where Can We Turn: A Parent’s guide to evaluating Treatment Programs for Troubled Youth. ” 

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