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Schools & Program Visits - Oct, 1997 Issue #48

Visit by: Tom Bratter, President
The John Dewey Academy

It makes no difference when I visit Manhattanville College whether it be a late Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, or Wednesday afternoon, if I stay long enough in one spot, inevitably president Richard Berman (whose secret avocation is to be a security guard), vice-president Barry Ward, and/or dean of admissions Jose Flores will walk by. 

When attending a softball game, our graduate was playing at 10: 30 on a sunny but cold Sunday, Richard Berman amicably greeted my prospective student and me, ignoring parents who are potential donors. (I submit Berman is the only college president who knowledgeably can discuss the specifics of the athletic teams and has opinions about strategies). On a Wednesday afternoon two hours before a trustee meeting, arriving unannounced Richard was wandering around the admissions office, Barry Ward got off the phone to talk, and Jose Flores stopped what he was doing to greet me, even though I was with two students who want to attend Sarah Lawrence College. 

With this kind of energy, enlightened, commitment, enthusiasm by top management, Manhattanville College is on its ascendancy. (I will send copies of these comments to Petersonís Guides and the Princeton Review of Colleges which hopefully include Manhattanville College in their respective publications. I intend to contact The Insiderís Guide to Colleges to volunteer to write a description of Manhattanville College). Rumor has it, if a faculty wants something from administration, they best be advised to request a student to petition. Never in 35 years have I ever witnessed such a beautiful spectacleói.e., a proactive, pro-student president who is responsive to their needs. Case in point. Richard was attending a conference geographically near where our graduate lives. To show his appreciation to our alumnae for her splendid record barely missing the Deanís List, playing three varsity sports, and applying to be a resident assistant, Berman invited her to attend the conference, paid for her plane ticket, and then told her to go home to see her parents. Unprecedented elsewhere, common practice at Manhattanville College! 

Why did I delay writing? I waited until both MY students already have applied to Manhattanville to ensure their acceptance! I urge you to check out Manhattanville College! Remember you read it first in Woodbury Reports. 

Contact: Barry Ward, Vice President
Enrollment Management & Student Development
Manhattanville College
2900 Purchase Street
Purchase, NY 10577
phone: (800) 328-4553 fax (914) 694-1732

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