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Seen 'n Heard - Apr, 1996 Issue (page 3).

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Trex, Inc. Now Has 800 Number
TREX, INC., run by Gabriel & Anne Rivera for 18 year olds and older in Bend, Oregon now has an 800 number. We now can reach them by 800-578-0323.

Reports Has Another New First
Reports has another new first, running an Ad for a business outside the education field in the SquareNotes Ad found in this issue. I have been using the SquareNotes software for several months, and it is helping me to see light at the end of the tunnel in getting my notes, quotes, and rough ideas collected in one place so I have a chance of finding them when I need them.

Transport Business Adds New Services
Steve Gage, of Royal Haven Secured Transport in Cottage Grove, Oregon, 503-942-4805, announces adding two new services for his Transport business. He and his associate Karen Lee now have access to a Federally licensed air charter for those cases where commercial airlines might not be appropriate. Also, they can hold children for up to three days when the destination school or program might not be ready. This arrangement has been worked out with J BAR J Ranch.

Rocky Mountain Academy President Featured In Magazine
Robert Spear, President of Rocky Mountain Academy in North Idaho was one of the professionals featured in the January/February 1993 magazine BOCA RATON, in an article titled "DOSES OF DISCIPLINE FOR TOUGH TIMES". The article emphases the TOUGH LOVE approach to working with teen-agers, summarized as, "PARENTS, TAKE CHARGE." Spear was quoted as saying, "Do not negotiate away your power as a parent...You, the parent, are not in jeopardy if the kid says 'I hate you.' It's a small price to pay when you consider the alternatives." Rocky Mountain Academy was one of the schools described as helping parents take charge when the child becomes so out of control that parents and local resources are not enough.

Transport Service Has Been Successful
Don Danielson, President of Danielson Investigative Service Inc. of Hopewell and Richmond, Virginia 800-523-6056, and his staff have been successfully providing Transport services for several Special Purpose schools and programs around the country.

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