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Seen 'n Heard - Apr, 1996 Issue (page 2).

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Linda Shaffer Teams Up With Lon Woodbury
Linda Shaffer is teaming up with Lon Woodbury to form a Educational Consulting partnership. She will be specializing in advising parents looking for Special Purpose School placement. She will also help in publishing the Woodbury Reports Newsletter, and the Directory. Linda spent five years as Admissions Counselor with Rocky Mountain Academy, and before that was a teacher/counselor at the Academy. She had spent one year at Spring Creek Community School in Montana (now closed), as teacher/counselor/academic administrator, and has been a feature story writer/photographer/columnist for various newspapers. Before leaving RMA, she authored and is still marketing her first book, 40 tips on How to Survive In and Speak Rural Northwest - Life After K-Mart, a light humor pocket sized survival guide for northwest natives and newcomers. She can be reached at 208-263-8394.

Nancy Masland Takes On New Associate
Nancy Masland, Tucson Arizona, 602-749-4220, has taken on a new associate, Anita Bussiere, MA, schools and programs. Anita has 22 years of experience in teaching, counseling, public speaking, and administration.

Professionals Listed In Peterson's Guide
Lon Woodbury, Editor/Publisher of Woodbury Reports, was included in the Acknowledgments section of Peterson's newest guide, Caring for Kids with Special Needs, Copyright 1993. It was a statement of gratitude for those "who lent advice and encouragement during the planning and production of this book." Also included in the Acknowledgments were several professionals associated with the Special Purpose Schools and Programs industry including Thomas J. Croke, Consultant, Latrobe, Penn.; Anita Targan, Educational Consultant, Morristown, NJ; Helene Reynolds, Education Consultant, Princeton, NJ; Beth Paulin, Director of Recruitment, DeSisto School, Stockbridge, MA; Glenn Bender, Academic Dean, The Cascade School, Whitmore, CA; and Brooke Jackson, Director, U.S. Admissions, The Amity School, Arezzo, Italy. It is published by Peterson's Guides, PO Box 2123, Princeton, New Jersey 08543-2123.

CEDU School Has AA Groups For Students With Drug Issues
Saul Rudman, Director of Admissions for CEDU School, reports they have been having AA groups for students with drug issues. They started the groups about eight months ago, and students are eligible to participate after they have been on campus for several months. Most of the groups are on campus and consist entirely of CEDU students, but older students can participate in off-campus groups which gives them the perspective of hearing stories from adults who have had worse and longer stories than the students. This is also used to help the involved students set up and be prepared for a ready made support group after graduation.

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