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Seen 'n Heard - Dec, 1994 Issue (page 2).

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Miriam Bodin Changed Her Address
IECA member Miriam Bodin has changed her address to 339 South San Antonio Road, Suite D-1, Los Altos, CA 94022. Her phone Number 415-948-8651 remains the same, but her FAX number is changed to 415-917-7585. 

Spring Creek School Now Accepting Students
Steve Cawdry, founder and director of Spring Creek Community School in Thompson Falls, Montana until he closed the school a couple of years ago, is now again accepting students on the same property. He now emphasizes short term family intensives, but has also taken on individual students on a longer term basis. As of late November, he had six students in residence and is open to taking on more. He has spent the last couple of years on a type of sabbatical working with and taking training from Ann Wilson Schaff, and is now ready to implement what he has learned. Steve has promised more information on his program for the February issue. Steve can be reached at 406-827-4344. 

Hidden Lake Academy Update
Todd White, Director of Admission at Hidden Lake Academy in Dahlonega, Georgia, 800-394-0640, reports that as of late November they had 30 students and "will have our second peer group filled by the middle of December. The construction of our academic building is continuing, and we are making other physical plant renovations in order to provide future dormitory space." They opened Sept. 1, 1994. 

Statement By Aspens Medical Director
Dr. Keith Hooker, MD, Director of the medical and safety program for Aspen Achievement Academy, stated in the first issue of Aspen Trails, their newsletter, "I can guarantee parents that what the kids do with their friends is far more dangerous than what they're doing out in the field with the supervision they have." 

NATWC Formation And Incorporation
Archie Buie announced the formation and incorporation of the National Association of Therapeutic Wilderness Camps. The NATWC Board of Directors includes Archie Buie as Chairperson and Executive Director, Christopher Burns of Three Springs as Second Vice-Chairperson, and Larry D. Olsen of Anasazi Wilderness Treatment Program as a member of the Board. Call 706-865-7033 for more information. 

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