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Seen 'n Heard - Dec, 1994 Issue (page 1).

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Open Enrollment At TREX, Inc.
Gabriel Rivera, founder of TREX, Inc., located outside Bend, Oregon, announced that this Fall he shifted to open enrollment, which means he can now enroll students at any time, rather than asking the parents to wait until a trip is going out. Gabriel can be contacted at 503-385-0323. 

BOYS TOWN, USA In Nebraska
BOYS TOWN, USA, headquartered in Nebraska, is serving youths at settings in 5 states (New York, Pennsylvania, Florida and California) these days and serving both boys and girls. The enrollment process takes generally 6-8 weeks and requires psychological and academic evaluations plus the all- important letter from the potential student requesting to be there by stating personal goals and a desire for change. Fees are on a sliding scale. Some settings include a horse farm, greenhouse, small house living and a few part-time jobs on campus while continuing academic educational goals. Their HOTLINE number is 1-800-448-3000. (Earlier in the day PST is easier to get through!). 

Admissions Office Has Been Moved
Brian Church, Admissions Director for SUWS Inc., Adolescent Program announced the admissions office has been moved to 7711 Center Avenue, Suite 395, Huntington Beach, CA 92647. 714-895-0923; FAX 714-892-3095. 

Northstar Expands
NorthStar (Bend, Oregon) has changed its address to PO Box 1370, 97709. They report that as of October, they are "bursting at the seams!" and have opened a second Common House facility for their students. The residences are called the Irving House and the Portland House, each with 12 students. They also will soon begin construction on an addition to expand office space, adding a conference room, three offices and a reception area. 

Grier School Reports Successful Start 
Andrew Wilson, Director of Admissions at Grier School in Tyrone, Pennsylvania reports a successful start to the school year with 161 students. Grier is an all girls school with an extensive and successful Learning Skills Program to give extra support and structure to girls with mild learning disabilities and/or unique learning styles including dyslexia and ADD/ADHD. 

Hampshire School Has New Admissions Representative
Brian Campion is a new admissions representative for Hampshire Country School in Rindge, New Hampshire working with Admissions Director William Dickerman.

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