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Seen 'n Heard - Oct, 1994 Issue (page 1).

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Tom Croke's phone number as it appeared in the August, 1994 issue under the article "The Tuttle-Gundry 1994 Summer Tour: Idaho-Montana-Washington", p. 4 is incorrect. The correct number is 800-727-3684. 

Open Enrollment At Trex, Inc.
Gabriel Rivera, Director and Founder of TREX INC. in Bend, Oregon announced his program is changing to open enrollment so that students can enroll at any time instead of having to wait for an expedition starting date. For more information contact Gabriel at 800-578-0323. 

Parent Resource Advisory Service
George Church, a co-founder SUWS Adolescent Program who formerly handled their admissions and marketing, has established his own "Parent Resource Advisory Service". In his brochure he points out how parents frequently receive conflicting and confusing advice from professionals, and he is offering to be their personal advisor based on his 12 years experience discussing parent's needs and options. He emphasizes he receives "no recruiting fees from any program for referring a student". 206-883-9913. 

Boys School Closes Its Doors
Heritage School in Calistoga, California closed its doors last summer. Heritage School was a boys only school in the California Napa Valley, and had been operating since 1969. 

Professor Of Education Establishes Consulting Business
George Posner, Ed.D., a professor of education at Cornell University, has established an education consulting business in Ithaca, New York called Educational Consulting Services. ECS provides placement assistance to a wide variety of private schools and programs, and recently has been drawing on the resources of Woodbury Reports to help in placement of young people with emotional/behavioral problems. George can be reached at 607-273-5400. 

Will Be Handling Academic At Rocky Top Academy
Gregg Daskalogrigorakis, Ph.D. (Don't ask me how to pronounce his last name - he goes by Gregg) is moving to Rocky Top Academy outside Anaconda, Montana to handle their academics for the upcoming school year. Rocky Top was founded earlier this year by Tom "Gregory" Finucane and can be reached at 406-693-2277. 

New Member Of Staff
Joey Dusina, owner of Helping Hands Adolescent Services, announced that Hugh McKinnies has joined their staff. Joey says he is "thrilled to have him as a member of the staff" and "that Hugh's talents have proven invaluable in some very 'challenging' cases to date". Joey and Hugh can be reached at 714-288-9384.

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