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Opinion & Essays - Oct, 1994 Issue 


I do enjoy Woodbury Reports. Oh how I wish I'd had all that info when I was making a choice!  - A parent from Kansas. 
Mr. Woodbury: I thank you for taking the time to inform me of your services. You are greatly appreciated by all parents who are experiencing the problems of youth who are at risk. 
- A mother in Seattle. 
Dear Linda: Our 13 year old daughter, _____, comes home from Turn-About Ranch this weekend after 3 1/2 months. We are so pleased with her progress.... she's the "old _____" we used to know -- happy, self-disciplined and clear-eyed. Thank you for .... helping us find this ranch and getting help for our daughter. 
- An Arizona mother. 
Dear Linda: Thanks for your help. _____ is doing great at John Dewey Academy. He even survived a "closed house" his second week there. He seems to like it, too. And he did very well as Aspen Achievement Academy (prior to John Dewey.)
- A Southern California mother. 
Dear Mr. Woodbury: Thank you for the information you gave me during our phone conversation of August 19th. Your knowledge of the programs has been quite helpful and I appreciate you thoroughly answering my many questions. 
- A father in North Carolina. 
Dear Linda: I did talk with Lon about Yellowstone Treatment Center in Billings, Montana. (After considering other possibilities as well), my husband and I made a rush trip to Billings, toured the facility, resulting in an "on the spot" enrollment. We then went to get _____ at Steve Gage's ranch near Sisters, Oregon. Steve was real nice -- he put us up for the night......, talked about issues....Our son actually enjoyed his (temporary) stay there. If Steve had a residential program for boys (not just girls), our son would have stayed there. Thanks for all your help, and we've got your number. 
- A parent from Montana. 

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