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News & Views - Oct, 1994 Issue #30 

by: Judy Thaxton
Provo, Utah

In November we moved part of our School, our girls program, into a 93-bed facility nestled on an 8-acre apple and cherry orchard approximately one mile away from our Provo Campus. We have also just completed construction on a new 64-bed addition to house a boys' program at our Provo Campus. The new physical layout of both campuses will provide a very comfortable environment and will be more conducive to our new enhanced programming. 

The enhancement of programs provides a continuum of residential services allowing us to tailor a treatment plan to better meet the individual needs of each child. A brief description of each program is listed below: 

The Standard Residential Program is for boys and girls ages 12 to 18. The therapeutic, educational and vocational needs are individualized for each student. This level of care is designed to allow patients to progress by a series of steps or statuses, which are obtained by meeting the criteria outlined in their Master Treatment Plan. A nurturing, yet structured intervention is offered, giving students an opportunity to gain independence as they prove they can take on more responsibility. 

The Intensive Residential Program offers accelerated therapeutic residential interventions for boys and girls ages 12 to 18. The shorter period of active treatment, one to three months, allows for less disruption of the student's home and social life, while still teaching personal skills needed to function appropriately in society. Students are involved in seven formal hours of individual and group therapy per week. 

The Early Adolescence Program is designed to address the developmental needs of youth 11 to 14 years of age. This is a 13-bed unit for boys where they receive five hours of individual and group therapy per week. The treatment structure provides immediate feedback for behavior and has a very flexible level system. This program is small by design with a higher staff to patient ratio offering an age appropriate environment. 

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