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Seen 'n Heard - Jun, 1993 Issue (page 3).

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Galena Ridge Visit
"Go get the duck!", along with tossing an old tennis shoe into the trout pond, is the signal from Paul Clark for Galena Ridge's young puppyish retriever to head full speed into the pond. (It's hard to tell who's having the most fun, observed Linda Shaffer on a recent visit). Paul Clark and Cheri Des Marais's retriever also energizes new kids by greeting them at breakneck speed. The trout pond is almost close enough to cast a line into from the dining room.

Medical Coverage For Program In Twelve States
Mike Merchant, Admissions Director for ANASAZI in Arizona, reports they have twelve states where Blue Cross sometimes covers Anasazi's program under the category of Non-Hospital Setting. He also reports significant donations to support their scholarship program.

Two Join Rocky Mountain Academy Academic Faculty
John Sarchio, an experienced educator from Simi Valley, California, and Wendy Hayward, an independent educational consultant from Chicago, have recently joined the academic faculty at Rocky Mountain Academy as Director of Academics and Director of Special Services, respectively, succeeding Mary Weber-Quinn.

Windsor School Will Close Doors
Windsor School, in Darnestown, Maryland, is closing its doors this month at the end of this school year. Tom Croke, Latrobe, Pennsylvania, 800-477-3987, reports that Headmaster Kevin Wildeman will try to continue the traditions of Windsor in a cooperative relationship with a public school in New Jersey working with some members of the class of 1994.

Tyler Ranch Visit
Linda Shaffer, after a recent visit to Tyler Ranch, Spokane, reports typical kids' comments are "I don't fly off the handle anymore," and "this is a caring house." The kids last winter shoveled a lot of snow for older neighbors who often return such gestures with invitations of cake baking.

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