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Seen 'n Heard - Jun, 1993 Issue (page 1).

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New Director At Cross Creek Manor
Karr Farnsworth has moved into the Director position at Cross Creek Manor in Utah. Karr has been Admissions Director and Assistant Director for Cross Creek Manor for girls for a number of years, and before that he was Admissions Director at Provo Canyon.

Letter To The Editor In Adolescence Magazine
The following is excerpted from a letter to the editor that appeared in the May, 1993 edition of Adolescence magazine. "Governments don't raise families; people do. However, government can provide additional tax relief to families with children.... (A partisan slam at his predecessors).... We need to stop taxing away the money parents need to raise a family".... Bill Clinton, Washington, DC. (I like the words. I'm still watching Washington DC for the substance-LON).

Enrollments Down For Successful Drug Treatment Program
A successful drug treatment program that has been operating for several years tells me they have been receiving as many inquiries as ever. However, whereas several years ago they converted 30% of those inquiries into enrollments, the current rate of inquiries into enrollments is 17%.

Expecting The Arrival Of A Little One
Steve Gage, and Karen Lee of Royal Haven Secured Transport in Cottage Grove, Oregon 503-942-4805 are expecting the arrival of a little one sometime in January. By that time, they plan to have moved to the vicinity of Bend, Oregon and will help manage a portion of J-BAR-J Ranch while Steve continues the transports.

On-line Computer Service To Search For Colleges & Boarding Schools
Tom Croke, Latrobe, Pennsylvania, is in the late stages of development of an on-line computer service to provide information and search services for colleges and boarding schools and people working with them. Called Further (TM), it can be accessed by any person equipped with a modem equipped computer. To get a peek at the operation under construction, dial 412-532-1250 on your computer modem (data line only).

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