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News & Views - Jun, 1993 Issue #22 

Steve Cawdrey

Spring Creek in Montana
by: Lon Woodbury

After a year or so of sabbatical, Steve Cawdrey is back working with families and adolescents. Steve was the founder and director of Spring Creek Community School in Montana for a number of years. Despite several successes, Steve felt something was not quite right, and took some time to reflect, study, journal write, and just come to terms with what his calling should be.

He took some college classes at the University of Montana as part of his sabbatical, but most of his effort was to work with, and take some Intensives from Anne Wilson Schaef. He was most impressed with her concept of Living Process Systems, as detailed in her book BEYOND THERAPY/BEYOND SCIENCE, (Reviewed by Steve in Woodbury Reports Issue #20, Feb. 1993) and her concept that society is based on addictive systems, and will not improve until we can find a way to live the Living Process Systems and recovery.

Taking his new insights and applying them to his work at Spring Creek Community School, Steve felt the reason things didn't seem quite right was because he ignored underlying addictive assumptions. He is now ready to go back to actively working with children and their families using Family Wilderness/Creativity Intensives as a vehicle, with the first one coming up in August (See the Advertisement in this issue). He hopes to accomplish two things: Help families start the healing process by coming to Spring Creek for an Intensive, and keep the cost to middle-income families down to affordable levels by helping coordinate the follow-up process with local resources back home.

He insists his work is not therapy. "The purpose is to provide educational and experiential learning of Living Process Systems and community, while learning to confront the addictive process".

I and a lot of other professionals will be closely watching how well this expanded understanding of the Twelve-step process will work.

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