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News & Views - Jun, 1993 Issue #22 

In Wilderness/Outdoor Programs
by: Linda Shaffer

We've had many inquiries this Spring for summer programs that contain varying degree of emotional growth. The following is the alphabetical list our research came up with of the choices available to parents and professionals who are looking for emotional growth programs this summer.

Some of the programs run in the summer only, while others run short term programs throughout the year. Some of the programs we have known about and have worked with for many years. And some of the programs are newer on the scene with a staff who bring with them a wealth of experience in this field. If we have inadvertently left any programs out, please do let us know.

  1. The Alaska Adventure, Richard Armstrong, Moyie Springs, ID, (208) 265-4888
  2. Anasazi, Larry Dean Olsen and Mike Merchant, Payson, AZ, (602) 892-7403
  3. Ascent, Ranel Hanson, Sandpoint, ID, (208) 267-3626
  4. Aspen Achievement Academy, Mark Hobbins, UT, (800) 283-8334
  5. Boundarylines, Richard Armstrong, Moyie Springs, ID, (208) 265-4888
  6. Catherine Freer Wilderness Therapy, Dr. Rob Cooley, Albany, OR, (503) 926-7252
  7. Circle S Recovery Ranch, Jodi Greene, Leavenworth, WA, (800) 544-1668.
  8. Eagle Mountain Outpost, Brenda Hammond, Sandpoint, ID, (800) 654-0307
  9. Eckerd Family Youth Alternatives, Dwight Lord, Clearwater, FL, (813) 461-2990
  10. Explorations Expeditions, Lorne and Penny Riddell, Trout Creek, MT, (406) 827-3863
  11. Faith Ranch Wilderness Program, Roy Glascock, Uvalde, TX, (210) 232-6611
  12. Galena Ridge, Paul Clark and Cheri Des Marais, Trout Creek, MT, (406) 827-4440
  13. Heritage School, Ron Whitney, Calistoga, CA (707) 942-5133
  14. The Hyde School, Laurie Hurd, Bath, MA, (207) 443-5584
  15. Hurricane Island Outward Bound "Ascent", Jane Rankin, Rockland, MN (207) 594-5548
  16. The Judson School at Alpine, Al Hilton, Scottsdale, AZ, (602) 948-7731
  17. Loveland Farms Expeditions, Larry and Sherry Culp, Noxon, MT, (406) 847-5518
  18. Navajo Pines Treatment Program, Dave Goodwin, LaVerkin, UT, (800) 962-4673
  19. North Star Expeditions, Bill Henry, Escalante, UT, (800) 424-6627
  20. Northwoods Trailside School, David Yeats, Bonners Ferry, ID, (208) 267-7371
  21. North American Wilderness Academy, David Hull, French Gulch, CA, (916) 359-2215
  22. Pacific Crest Outward Bound "Ascent", Sandy Seeley Portland, OR, (800) 547-3312
  23. Mount Bachelor Summer Venture, Sarah Koalkin and Pat Savage, Bend, OR, (800) 462-3404
  24. Southwestern Academy Summer Adventures, Jeff Johnson, Beaver Creek, AZ, (602) 567-4581
  25. Straight Arrow Camps, Shirley and Bruce Morelli, Cusick, WA, (509) 445-1267
  26. SUWS Adolescent Program, George Church, ID, (208) 881-7173
  27. Three Springs, Leigh Garnet, Trenton, AL, (205) 776-2503
  28. Three Springs, Julie Hatvaney, Centerville, TN, (615) 729-5040
  29. TREX, INC., Gabriel and Anne Riviera, Bend, OR, (800) 578-0323
  30. Turn-About Ranch, Diane Austin, Escalante, UT (800) 842-1165
  31. Verde Valley Summer Adventures, David Longdon, Helen Lastovica or Marty Hoffman, Sedona, AZ, (602) 284-2272
  32. Wilderness Treatment Center, Kay Holmes, Marion, MT, (406) 854-2832
  33. Wolfeboro Camp School, William A. Cooper, Wolfeboro, NH, (603) 569-3451

(Be on the lookout in '94 for the REPORTS expanded Directory of summer Emotional Growth programs.)

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