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News & Views - Jun, 1993 Issue #22 

Amy Sobieszczyk
Huntsville, Alabama
205-880-3339 (FAX 205-880-9569)

Three Springs continues to expand services with two new residential programs in Georgia, that are currently either in the building or negotiation process. These include an outdoor therapeutic setting and an indoor secure setting at different locations. Possible services at these programs are treatment for female sexual abuse victims, dual diagnoses residents with low IQ, learning disabilities, female sexual offenders and male sexual offenders with low IQ. Plans have yet to be finalized, but we hope to have all services in Georgia opened before the end of 1993.

There also will be a short term Therapeutic Summer Program this summer at the Trenton, Alabama and Centerville, Tennessee facilities. Outdoor Adventure Programming and nature study will be special elements of the therapeutic process. The residents will learn to appreciate the environment and experience challenges which foster individual and group development. Adventure expeditions, like backpacking and canoeing, will offer significant opportunities for positive personal growth.

In addition, The Psychology Center of Atlanta has become a reality. Providing outpatient services, the center can also serve people needing additional testing for admissions into inpatient programs. The clinical director is John Stuart Currie, Ph.D., and the administrator is Rosemary Tippett, M.A. Treatment modalities include individual, group, families and couples, inpatient and outpatient. The Center also provides a variety of assessment services, from a one-session interview, through a variety of psychological tests including neuropsychological evaluation. One service which the Center provides is triage for families and adolescents who are considering residential treatment but are not yet ready for that move. Family psychotherapy and assessment is used to help families process their mixed feelings about sending a youth away from home for treatment.

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