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Seen 'n Heard - Feb, 1993 Issue (page 3).

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Eagle Mountain Outpost Considers Service Back To the Community A Vital Part Of Education
Eagle Mountain Outpost in North Idaho considers service back to the community as a vital part of every boy's education. Activities by the boys have included building and maintaining trails for the Forest Service, helping with the Special Olympics at Schweitzer Ski Resort, raising money for the homeless, assisting the local Fish and Game Dept. with the distribution of fingerling trout, they "adopted" two miles of highway for litter pick up, worked at the local soup kitchen, the home for the elderly and with the animal shelter. One student is apprenticed to a local architect as part of the student's education, and others tutor in a local literacy project.

Happy Trails Children's Foundation Plans To Establish Residential Home For Abused Children
Margaret Goldman, of Happy Trails Children's Foundation in Apple Valley, California, contacted me regarding their plans for establishing a residential home for abused children. Happy Trails' Honorary Co-Chairmen are Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Margaret's questions were along the line of what kind of need there is, if it would be feasible to work toward developing an on-campus school in a residential healing environment, etc. She ordered a Directory and some of you listed might be hearing from her.

Sierra Tucson Uses Horses As An Extremely Powerful Treatment Tool.
Sierra Tucson Adolescent Care, in Tucson Arizona 1-800-842-4487, utilizes the therapeutic qualities of riding and caring for horses, and sees it as an extremely powerful treatment tool. In their latest brochure they tell the story of one of their patients. "One of our first patients was an extremely violent, large kid who used anger as a defense mechanism; he was as tough as most men, and very streetwise. I watched him turn into a kid one day at the barn. He was standing by himself in one of the corrals, with his hands gently touching the forehead of Lady, his favorite horse. As I walked up to him, I could see huge tears running down his face. This was the first time he had cried since he had been in treatment. I asked him if he needed to talk and he said 'No, I just need to stay here and be with her.' It's been over a year since he finished treatment, and his mother tells me he's doing fine. I am convinced to this day that the animal was the key to opening this child up so he could feel his pain."

CEDU School Hires Third Admissions Person
Saul Rudman, Admissions Director for "CEDU Mountain" announced on Feb. 10 that Wendy Mesna was hired to be the third admissions person for CEDU School and CEDU Middle School. Wendy has 15 years experience in real estate in the San Bernadino mountains, and is the mother of a 10 year old girl and a 16 year old boy.

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