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New Perspectives - Feb, 1993 Issue #20 

Godalming Surrey, England GU8 6BG
Tel: 0483 415131

PEPER HAROW is a registered charity by the Department of Education and Science. It has existed as a therapeutic community since 1970 and is part of the Peper Harow Organization along with Thornby Hall, and Northants. Peper Harow admits boys and girls, ages 13-16, who "have had such traumatic childhood experiences that they have often developed powerful, defensive and suspicious attitudes to others, particularly adults." The children typically leave Peper Harow between the ages of 18-21; and the typical length of stay is 3-5 years. They have room for 42 children. Admission decisions are made after the child and significant adults have visited and interviewed. Most admissions are subject to Care Orders from their local authority, or by Education Departments, or by Health Authorities, but some are placed privately by the family or a voluntary childcare agency. The therapeutic process is seen as three stages. The first "is one of forming attachment: to the community as a whole, to the individual caseworker and to various sub-groups." The second is "to experiment with new ways of being and to start some formal education. The final phase is the task of preparing to leave the community...." "... all staff and young people share in cleaning and cooking and other household chores because we believe that these practical aspects of life also help towards self-awareness and self sufficiency." Their education is "incorporating the ethos of the national curriculum and relating it to particular needs." Also used is a wide variety of physical activities, an emphasis on improvement in family relationships whenever possible, a wide range of creative arts, a spacious and healing physical environment about 50 minutes from London, and a mission for the staff to utilize whatever skills they have irregardless of job title.

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