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New Perspectives - Feb, 1993 Issue #20 

Los Angeles, California
Carol R. Goodman, Director

Independence Center was founded by a group of parents brought together by Sandy D. Gordon to form a residential program "for young adults, age 18 through 32, with learning disabilities. They are persons with average or slightly below average intelligence - who have difficulty learning." Director Carol R. Goodman has a Masters' Degree in Developmental Psychology, and is an experienced family therapist and clinical hypnotherapist.

The Center teaches independent living by breaking it down into small steps and teaching them how to cook, how to clean, how to shop, how to budget money, and how to get along with others, get along in the community, problem-solve and make decisions.

In addition to the residence program, Independence Center has Outreach Services for those who have "completed the residential program or who is already living in the community and works. Both ... programs include socialization groups, vocational guidance, counseling, and on-site visits to apartments and job.

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