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New Perspectives - Dec, 1993 (#25) 

Marvin H. Berman, Ph.D., Admissions
Forest Hills, N. Y.
by Linda Shaffer

Summit Institute, located in Jerusalem, is a network of psychiatric rehabilitation services which began in l973, and has grown to become a licensed 100 bed psychiatric hospital. The "North American Unit" accommodates male and female residents between 18 and 32 years of age from all over the English speaking world. Treatment settings include inpatient, residential treatment, halfway house, supervised apartment living, independent living with supported employment and continuing outpatient care.

SUMMIT offers educational/ vocational skills and emotional support. The program is nonsectarian and Kosher as are all public institutions in Israel.

Intensive individual and group therapy are cornerstones of the Summit Institute treatment milieu. Individual therapy is conducted a minimum of twice a week with group therapy sessions being conducted daily. Adjunctive therapies include art, movement, drama, and music.

The adolescents and young adults who come to Summit Institute have had many failures and disappointments in their lives. There have been difficulties in family and peer relationships, in school and in job situations. Many have been in some type of treatment program. Staff to student ratio is 1:1.

While students may be far removed from their families, there is ongoing communication between staff and parents. Parents are encouraged to take an active part in the treatment process through letters and visits.

SUMMIT'S admissions office can provide information regarding insurance coverage and a sliding fee scale. Average length of stay is 2 years, with 3 years being the maximum.

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