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New Perspectives - Oct, 1993 Issue #24 

INDIAN TRAILS (A Home For Girls)
Spokane, Washington
Michael & Jeanne Young

The Young's have a community oriented/family living program for 6 girls ages 8 to 18 in northern Spokane. They have been working with children for ten years in Spokane, and their program is tailored for failed adoptions, FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), and FAE (Fetal Alcohol Effected) children. Most of their experience has been with public placement, and they feel they have a good program to also offer to private placements. They describe their girls as ones "who are lacking in self confidence, self esteem, GOOD JUDGMENT, self control, and personal responsibilities, but who have excellent potential. Typically, these are girls who are determined to do their own thing without any consequential thinking." They have had good luck in helping parents obtain 3rd party payment.

Their "girls attend public school where an individual educational program is designed to meet their special needs." They say that one of the most difficult problems is how to handle the discipline problem. In response, they have developed a Token Economy System, which they have found "has been very effective in decreasing inappropriate social behaviors and increasing not only appropriate social, but also, academic behaviors." They see inappropriate behavior as "disrespect for others, behavior attitudes, and the refusal to follow directions." Each girl starts each week with enough points to enjoy all privileges. She receives a check on a form for inappropriate behavior (each represents a loss of points), and the total points remaining at the end of the week dictates the amount of privileges (if any) remaining, and also the general standing on a three tier level system.

They welcome inquiries, and their brochure states, "Drop In Anytime!!" When I dropped in, they were gracious hosts and their home was clean, comfortable and seemed more than adequate.

The Young's also offer short term respite care by the day, week, or month.

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