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Seen 'n Heard - Aug, 1992 Issue (page 1).

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Tom Finucane To Run Santa Fe Community School
Tom Finucane announced he is moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico to run the Santa Fe Community School. Tom, along with Bob Jordan and Mike Nally, had been working on a proposal to help Los Angeles street gangs find a better way of living. Called Rocky Top Academy, it described itself as “a program to break the crime and poverty cycle of inner-city youth and to plant the seeds for establishing self-confidence and socialization, especially among gang members. The discovery of respect for self, respect for others, and respect for nature will enable them to become valued citizens and productive adults”. The goal was to dry up the gangs recruitment pool. However, Tom reports they do not seem well enough connected politically to get if funded by the City of Los Angeles rebuilding committee.

Anasazi Wilderness Experience Joins With CHOICE
ANASAZI, an Arizona wilderness experience, has joined with CHOICE (The Center For Humanitarian Outreach and Inter-Cultural Exchange) to offer a service expedition to remote Andean villages of Bolivia in November, called “The Making of a Giving”. Larry D. Olsen said this shows ANASAZI’S belief “in the principle of service as a natural, next step . . . .”

Heritage Center Has Short Term Program Running
Suzi Asay, Admissions Director for the Heritage Center in Provo, Utah, announced their 30-90 day Diagnostic Unit/Short Term program is up and running.

Bill Lane Develops New Department for CEDU Education
Bill Lane is developing a new department for CEDU Education, which serves CEDU School, CEDU Middle School, Hilltop, Rocky Mountain Academy, and Ascent. It’s initial focus is to provide transport services for the CEDU family of schools, but is also an in-home enrollment approach which gives the schools the opportunity to better understand the future student’s family and community dynamics. The department is also contacting professionals, institutions, and HMOs on behalf of CEDU Education.

Steve Gage & Karen Lee Forms Royal Haven
Steve Gage and Karen Lee, of Cottage Grove, Oregon, have formed ROYAL HAVEN SECURED TRANSPORT, “to offer parents of adolescents an alternative for transportation when the situation is difficult”. If you want to give them a try, call them at 503-942-4805. If you use them, let me know how it works out.

Bonners Ferry Comment on Tourists
A common comment on the streets of Bonners Ferry, Idaho about some of the more unique appearing tourists this summer: “I don’t think they’re from around here . . .”

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