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News & Views - Aug, 1992 Issue 

Mission Mountain School
John Mercer, Administrator
Condon, Montana
(406) 754-2580

(From a description of the school's program)

Mission Mountain School forms an extended family for both the student and parents. Within this extended family the student finds the boundaries he or she needs to feel safe and begin the critical process of individuation. This personal growth within the context of family and community forms the foundation for successful reintegration into society. Our students’ needs would likely go unmet in the larger programs that focus on behavior management and compliance. These programs are based on a level system where student graduation is contingent upon completion of a series of emotional and behavioral tasks. Individualized attention to the student’s unique problems and process of individuation can be lost to the emphasis on having the students achieve the desired “level” behaviors. As a result students may learn how to comply and “work the system”, rather than address or solve their real problems.

As part of the family treatment plan, the parents will continue to come to Mission Mountain School for periodic visits, and the student will return home for periodic visits. Both parents and child agree to visit plans that set out specific boundaries and responsibilities for the family and child to meet prior to, during, and after each visit. Upon completion of each visit, the plan is reviewed by the family and Mission Mountain Staff, and progress and problems noted in the individual and Family Treatment Plans. In this way, the family and the student has opportunities (to) try out new approaches to old problems and apply what they have learned at Mission Mountain School. It is important to note that the visits are not vacations, but times for the student and family to do real work addressing significant issues. We have found that much of this work is best done in the context of a family adventure or activity. Hence, families are encouraged to come and participate in our high quality recreation activities with the students... or to simply come and experience the beauty of Montana at our Double Diamond Ranch Facility.

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