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News & Views - Jun, 1992 Issue 

Western Youth Network Expansion
By Larry Stednitz

The Western Youth Network was developed three years ago for the purpose of assisting mental health professionals and parents to accurately assess their children and adolescents needs and to help locate the appropriate educational and/or treatment program. Capistrano by the Sea Hospital's Corporate Counsel, Ed Simmons and I, conceptualized this program over a cup of coffee in Prescott, Arizona. In this remote setting away from the busy activity of the Hospital, we had an opportune time for reflection and "seeing" that the treatment of adolescents necessitated a geographic expansion throughout the Western United States in order to locate the best treatment at the right price. It has been a gratifying three years, with calls coming from throughout the country. The need is great as indicated by the doubling of referrals in the past six months. Our expansion includes my relocating to Helena, Montana. From Helena, I will continue to develop the network of treatment programs. At CAPO, Helen Condas and her team of clinicians and educational consultants will continue to assist parents in their search for appropriate care. All of us in the Network appreciate the support of Capistrano by the Sea Hospital, and in particular Hal Day, CEO. We look forward to fulfilling our vision of helping all children and adolescents in getting the help they need.

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