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News & Views - Jun, 1992 Issue 

Research-Based Outcome Evaluations
George Church, Admissions
(206) 881-7173

Taken from the Adolescent Behavior Change (SUWS) brochure titled "Adolescent Program." SUWS is a wilderness survival program operating in southern Idaho since 1981.

SUWS has had research studies done using three different standards of measurement:

1. Scholars from the University of South Carolina have done two research studies on SUWS, one in 1988 and another in 1990. The standard of measurement was improvement in student self-concept. Control groups were used, and there was pre- and post-program psychometric testing of students and parents. The results revealed significant, positive improvements in student self-concept after participation in the SUWS program.

2. Two boarding schools have jointly provided us with data. They sent us over 50 students who were not making progress, or who were running away from their schools. Their standard of measurement for success was a student's return from SUWS with a sustained ability to make progress in the boarding school's program. SUWS was 90% successful.

3. Over 200 students were sent to SUWS as part of a 60-day adolescent drug and alcohol treatment program with one year of aftercare. The treatment center's standard of measurement was the number of adolescents sober at the end of one year post-residential treatment. The center's success had been a few percentage points above the national average. Our joint program increased the success rate over 100%, according to their adolescent treatment program director.

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