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Seen 'n Heard - Apr, 1992 Issue (page 1).

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Ascent Wilderness Program Managers Chosen
Stacy Wasserman and Paul Clark will be managing ASCENT wilderness program, an addition to CEDU Education's Family of Services which starts in mid-May. Call 208-267-3626 for more information.

Daughter of Reports Editor Lon Woodbury, Accepted by Barnard College
Melanie Woodbury, daughter of Reports Editor Lon Woodbury, has been accepted by Barnard College in New York City for her Freshman year next Fall. She expects to be moving from one end of the earth to the other by moving from Bonners Ferry to New York City.

Joe Gauld Developing Pilot School Using Hyde School Approach
Joe Gauld, head of the Hyde Foundation, is developing a pilot school for the Gardiner, Maine, school system using the Hyde School education approach. He also had an article published in the April 2nd Wall Street Journal explaining his educational philosophy. Malcolm Gauld, Headmaster of Hyde School says, "At Hyde, we believe that one must further one's spiritual self just as one must develop physically, intellectually and emotionally."

Three Springs, Inc. Central Office Has New Address
Three Springs, Inc. central office has a new address which is 247 Chateau Drive, Huntsville, Alabama 35801. The new phone number is 205-880-3339.

Three Springs Outdoor Treatment Program for Boys Start Summer Program
Three Springs Outdoor Treatment Program for Boys, Trenton, Alabama, is starting a summer program for boys 12-17. They plan for 12 boys, and it will include a 14-day backpacking/canoe trip and requires parents to attend two weekend sessions. For more information call Margaret Milde, 205-776-2503.

Marvelwood School Has New Admissions Director
Thomas O'Dell is the new Director of Admissions at Marvelwood School in Cornwall, Connecticut. O'Dell previously was Director of Admissions and Team Administrator at Glenholme School.

Anngela Ritter Doing Marketing Work for Aspen Achievement Academy
Anngela Ritter, who was the Admissions Director for the now closed Wilderness Conquest program, will be doing marketing work for Aspen Achievement Academy. She will be specializing in working with educational consultants and schools. She can be reached at the same number, 208-522-1080.

Larry Wells Available for Consultant Work
Larry Wells, Monticello, Utah, founder of the now closed Wilderness Conquest, is available to do some consultant work in helping folks develop programs.

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