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Opinion & Essays - Apr, 1992 Issue 


Enclosed find my check for $25 for another year of your reports. You are doing a fantastic job with them. Every issue gets better. ~ Tom Finucane, Tennessee
Thanks for the reports, Lon. Very worthwhile and well done. ~ Miriam Bodin, Educational Consultant, Los Altos, California
PsychMed Information Service
Susan Graysen, General Partner

We believe that our service can help parents understand that their children will not "out grow" their problems. That as parents they need to take their children's problems seriously and take action to help them. Our service is at their finger tips. We can provide secondary opinions and help them feel confident in taking appropriate action. ~ Susan Graysen, General Partner, PsychMed Information Service, California. (See Advertisement this issue, print edition).

Dear Wilderness Conquest friends,

Due to a series of recent business and industry events and the increasing health problems of Larry, we have made the decision to close the doors of Wilderness Conquest Inc. There are not words to express our appreciation for your support and contribution to W.C.I.'s ability to help adolescents and their families. We value all the friendships and professional relationships we have developed over the years and hope to maintain these friendships and ties. We plan on publishing our Parent Communication/Self Esteem and Personal Growth Workbooks. We also plan to develop video tapes to support the workbooks so families, schools and treatment centers will be able to use the process we found so successful in helping adolescents and their families. Thank you for helping Wilderness Conquest Inc. to be the helping tool it was.

With Warm Regards
Anngela Ritter, Admissions
Karen & Larry Wells
Family Coordinatior & Program Director
Wilderness Conquest, Utah

Thanks Lon! Your reports are very informative. ~ Rosalyn Lowenhaupt, St. Louis, Missouri
Thanks a million for your help. You gave us a direction when we had no idea where to turn. We are hopeful for ... and feel we can give Larry (Culp) full confidence. Thanks. ~ RA, Washington
I wanted to let you know how useful your guide to special purpose schools has been to us in conducting evaluations for consultants and parents. Your guide has become a very useful tool, allowing us to find and recommend the proper placements for youth. It has also assisted others, who are interested in the services we provide, to find us. Keep up the good work.

Lorne Riddell & Penny James-Riddell
Explorations, Montana

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