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New & Views - Feb, 1992 Issue 

Seneca: Wilderness Therapy
Ron Newbury, Director
Orem, Utah
(801) 226-0090

"Therapy Without Walls" is the slogan used by this nine-week wilderness program for youth ages 12-18. The stated focus is to teach every student the consequences of his or her actions by bringing him or her "face-to-face with nature where he or she learns that manipulation doesn't work." Seneca's program is divided into three 3-week segments. The first segment is the impact phase where students learn to survive in the wilderness. Next is the processing phase where the student works on personal issues, gets into more sophisticated wilderness experiences, and starts learning Indian culture. The last phase, internalization, continues wilderness activities with a focus on values to live by and on Family Relations. Seneca started in Hawaii, moving to Utah later. The Seneca program enrolls students at any time, there not being set starting times, and expeditions are currently on Indian Reservation land.

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