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Opinion & Essays - Dec, 1992 Issue 


"I just got your Directory. It's a useful compendium." - Yvonne Jones, Educational Consultant, Seattle
"Thanks again for your helpful reports." - Miriam Bodin, IECA, California

"Thanks so much for your thoughts and efforts in regards to Trex. Things have picked up as a result of the recent insert flyer in your newsletter. It is nice to know you care. Here's to you, and those like you. There are still a few left." - Gabriel & Anne, Trex Inc., Bend, Oregon

(Thanks! That's what's so satisfying in working in this field - there are so many that not only care, but are effective at it. - Lon)

I find WOODBURY REPORTS to be a very helpful source of up-to-date information..." - Christopher Covert, Educational Consultant, Providence, Rhode Island

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