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News & Views - Dec, 1992 Issue 

The Fenster School Of Southern Arizona
Mary Jo Flip, Director of Admissions
Tucson, Arizona

(The following is a description of Fenster's new emphasis, starting about the summer of 1991 when new headmaster Don Saffer came on board.)

"...we identified that niche to be a COLLEGE CAPABLE UNDERACHIEVER WHO MAY NEED SOME SPECIAL HELP. HELP was defined as a student who academically may be behind due to lack of attendance/motivation/performance; a student who may have a learning disability and need special help in some areas; a student who lacks self discipline, study skills and motivation; and a student who can benefit from individual attention available in smaller classes of 10-12 students. To meet the needs of these students teachers received in-service training on individualizing instruction in the classroom. A school psychologist was hired to provide academic assistance to students who needed it. HELP also included allowing a student who may have struggled with adolescent issues to enroll. Again, the day-to-day monitoring provides accountability and structure for them. Higher risk students may be asked to see the school psychologist or an off-campus professional on a regular basis, leave extra funds for homestay suspensions and tutoring if necessary, and be drug tested on a regular basis at the parents expense if there has been a history of substance abuse in the past. Fenster School is a great place for some kids. For the student coming from a highly structured therapeutic school or program it can be a good stepping stone to back home. For the student who needs a change of environment to be successful it can work. For the student who needs a smaller school to gain confidence and build self-esteem then this can be the right school. Underachievers represent about 30% of the kids Fenster enrolls. Another third are international. The balance represents kids whose families are out of the country, who have a difficulty in the home or whose parents are absent or deceased, or kids and parents who found the alternative program offered by Fenster attractive."

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