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New Perspectives - Oct, 1992 Issue 

Transport Services

Using a transport service to get an adolescent to a program is of concern to many people. Many feel a school or program cannot work unless a child freely chooses to go. Others fear psychological damage from intimidation or use of physical restraints.

Supporters of transport services say quality providers rarely need to use any kind of physical restraints. They point out that the main purpose of using a transport service is to defuse the situation by making the child react positively to the professional, rather than react negatively against the family dynamics.

The transport services I list in my Directory and refer my parent clients to are ones that seem to meet this standard.

Al Cardoza of West Shield Investigations, Adolescent Recovery and Transport Division, in Newport Beach, California (714-898-9696) was kind enough to provide me with copies of letters from satisfied professionals and parents. The following excerpts give a hint at what the service really is and client reactions.

"If we had only realized how professional, competent and caring you are, our decision would have been much easier and made much sooner . . . He seems to be adapting, albeit slowly, to his new surroundings."

A medical doctor in a Southern California hospital wrote: “I would compare Mr. Cardoza’s abilities to those of the most seasoned staff and I would have full confidence in his ability to successfully communicate with the most disturbed of teenaged patients.”

“Within three days of my first call, my daughter was found. Not only was finding her successful, but transporting her from Hawaii to Northern California without any use of restraint. I found this to be most amazing, believing that she would not go with them or would try to run away. To myself and my husband, this was the true test of their professionalism.”

“With your grace, tactfulness, and style, you turned what could have been a very difficult and unpleasant situation into a successful resolution to the problem.”

Other transport professionals I have found meet high standards are Richard Armstrong, Moyie Springs, Idaho (208-267-7797); Steve Gage, Cottage Grove, Oregon (503-942-4805); and Mike Healey, Sacramento, California (916-929-6260).

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