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News & Views - Oct, 1992 Issue 

Time Out: Taking a break from school, to travel, work and study in the U.S. and abroad.
Robert Gilpin with Caroline Fitzgibbons
A Fireside Book published by Simon & Schuster, New York, 1992.
Reviewed by Lon Woodbury

Bob Gilpin, an educational consultant in Quincy, Massachusetts (617-698-8977) works to help students find an alternative experience or break from the normal school routine of High School, College, Graduate School, etc. This book, TIME OUT, is a product of his experience.

He contacted me because he has started getting some inquiries regarding students who definitely need a break from mainstream schooling, but would probably abuse any of the opportunities described in the book. In this sense, Special Purpose Schools and Programs can be seen as another category of opportunity for students needing a break. In this case, an opportunity for those students needing emotional growth experiences in mature behavior, responsibility, accepting consequences and attitudes.

The main value of this book to a professional working in the Special Purpose School and Program field would be as possible follow-up programs after graduation from a Special Purpose school or program. Many graduates of Special Purpose schools and programs still feel a little shaky in their new found values. An experiential experience like these in TIME OUT might be a perfect structured dose of the real world for some students as a prelude to returning to the home environment, or to rigorous college expectations with college temptations.

The programs listed seem to be quite complete. Included is a list of postgraduate programs at secondary schools, 92 listed, to U.S. dude ranches which use young people as staff, 163 of them to travel/study programs, 6 listed, to environmental oriented programs, 27 organizations, and this is only a fraction of the categories. Also is a section answering common questions students, parents, and professionals might have on the whole process.

This is a handy reference for any professional who might need to advise parents or students on plans after a Special Purpose school or program graduation, and we each should have a copy handy. - Lon

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