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Seen 'n Heard - Aug, 1991 Issue (page 2).

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Brett Cary at RMA Writes in Rocky Mountain Times
Brett Carey, a teacher/counselor at Rocky Mountain Academy in North Idaho, wrote in the students' Rocky Mountain Times: "When people arrive here they are trapped inside the walls they have built to protect themselves. Walls to keep other people out. Walls to stay alone. Walls to ensure that 'no one can take what I have.' Walls to defend 'my stuff,' even if 'my stuff' is bad stuff. People have physical walls that keep them from being touched or hugged. They have walls that won't allow them to smoosh. Walls that prevent them from saying or hearing 'I love you." I loved watching the news when the [Berlin] Wall came down last year. I saw tears of joy and new prospects of hope. But my greatest pleasure has been watching the walls crumbling down here at RMA."

Pine Meadows School Students Catching Big Trout
Pine Meadows School, straddling Clear Creek, a little up-stream from the old gold mining town of French Gulch, California, reports the students have been catching trout up to 16 inches long from the creek.

Heritage Treatment Center Graduation Brings Several Changes
Heritage Treatment Center, in Provo, Utah, graduated five students on June 27th. With this graduation, they started initiating several changes in their program. The boys in the program moved down the hill to the main part of the campus so the school will not be spread out so much. Also their optimum size will now be a little under 100 to be able to provide better service with their attachment model.

[This article is outdated.  Cascade School closed January 20, 2004.]
Cascade School Additions Completed
Cascade School in Northern California reports the new dining hall should be completed by Thanksgiving, and the new swimming pool was scheduled for completion mid-July. They also report the dirt road leading to the school is now paved. Stan Sours, the Art Department Director entered some students' art work in the Shasta County Fair. Their work wound up competing in the adult division, but still won one first place, two second places, and one third place.

IECA Member Lynn Hamilton Has Moved
IECA member Lynn Hamilton, formerly known to us as Lynn Whittle of Stephenson & Whittle Associates, has moved to 814 Summit Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93108, 805-969-1177. Her mailing address is PO Box 50724, Santa Barbara, CA 93150 and is doing school and college counseling and placement.

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