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Seen 'n Heard - Apr, 1991 Issue (page 1).

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Springfield, MA, Public School System Plans Pilot School
Admissions Director Laurie Hurd, of Hyde School in Maine, reports the Springfield Massachusetts public school system is planning a pilot school based on the Hyde School concept. It initially will involve about 200 students in the 9th and 10th grades and implementation will be assisted by the Hyde Foundation. The Hyde School concept focuses on mental, physical, and social growth with parents being an integral part of the process. If successful, the approach could spread to the entire system.

Roy Glasscock Reports on Faith Ranch Program
Roy Glasscock, Head of Faith Ranch in Texas, reports they have been operating for 19 years, with a good proportion of their staff being with them for more than 10 years. They are looking for another counselor so they can expand their services this summer. In 1990, they expanded their outreach services to work with schools, parents, and businesses in an area of several states.

Exploration Announces Addition to Staff
Lorne Riddle of Explorations in Western Montana announces they have retained Peter Volkman on their staff. He is the Sanders County Psychologist and his expertise should help parents get insurance coverage for their child at Explorations.

Randy Rowe of Teen Challenge Reports Long Waiting List
Randy Rowe, Administrator of Teen Challenge in Wyoming, reports a long waiting list, but if the planned expansion goes through, they might be able to handle up to 60 students in the future, an increase from the current enrollment of 30.

Dave Pitkin of Skyland Ranch Reports Being Full
Dave Pitkin, of Skyland Ranch in Western Washington, reports being full at 15 children in late February, and gives some credit for that to the Special Reports review a couple issues back. However, there are some children who are about ready to move on, so openings are expected from time to time.

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