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New Perspectives - Apr, 1991 Issue 

Discovery Academy
(801) 374-2121
Provo, Utah
Kathryn Moody, Admissions Officer

Dr. D. Eugene Thorne founded Discovery Academy in February of 1990. Dr. Thorne was a co-owner of Provo Canyon School until it was bought by Charter Hospital about five years ago. Housed in a wing of the Holiday Inn which used to be owned and used by Provo Canyon School, Discovery Academy now uses the Holiday Inn for its own vocational program. Despite the past ties, the School is emphatic its program bears no relation to Provo Canyon's, and they look for children who are in a downward spiral, but before the intervention of a Provo Canyon is needed. As a consequence, the school does not have a locked element.

The name of the school comes from their slogan/logo "Discovering who you are and learning what you can become." As of mid-March they had 24 students, and enroll whenever a student needs placement.

When a student is enrolled, he or she starts with a battery of tests which usually takes several days. Out of that, an Individual Education Plan is developed for each child. The student's academics are then competency-based, that is, a student moves on to the next concept in each subject only after the previous one is mastered.

A therapeutic plan is also developed for each child, and he or she is assigned to a credentialed therapist and co-therapist, who are also the primary liaison between the school and the parents. Therapy is mostly individual and based on the cognitive behavior method. There is some group therapy, but only as needed and when several students are working on the same problem.

Students work through three levels, with most the privileges of recreation and responsibility coming from achieving the third level, as well as earning parent and home visits.

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