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Seen 'n Heard - February, 1991 Issue (page 3).

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University of Indiana Study
A study at the University of Indiana, in listening to lunch-table chatter of middle school students, concluded that "teen gossip serves a positive purpose, that of establishing and enforcing a set of shared values and social mores.... It is establishing an oral tradition of mutually acceptable appearance and behavior". This just underlines the importance of what Special Purpose schools and programs do when they take steps to ensure there is positive peer pressure.

Tom Bratter Reports on John Dewey Academy Graduate
Tom Bratter reports a John Dewey Academy graduate plans to run for student body office this Spring at Wellesley College. She is on the Deans list and is making the right steps toward becoming an attorney. Four years ago she was trying to find friends through drugs and sex, and was being used as a pawn between her fighting parents. The final straw was when she ran the family car into a tree while intoxicated. She arrived at John Dewey Academy angry, trusting no-one, and facing the prospect of hospitalization. Her experience at John Dewey Academy made all the difference, which is a very common story to all those who work in or with Special Purpose Schools or programs.

IECA Members Now Have Their Own Practice
IECA Members Frank Stephenson and Lynn Whittle now have their own separate practices.

Larry Culp of Loveland Farms Explains Academic Assessment
Larry Culp, of Loveland Farms in Montana, explains the way he does an academic assessment with his new students is to help each girl discuss each grade of school and talk about what is remembered. It is an on-going process with each student, and includes looking at emotions, at attitudes toward authority figures, as well as what academic learning occurred. Remembering the teacher and school for each grade is a handy memory aid to finding when the student stopped asking "Why?," when the student got angry at her parents, or when she gave up.

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