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Seen 'n Heard - Feb, 1991 Issue (page 1).

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Vermont Education Association Bypassed NEA PAC to Raise Money
The Vermont Education Association bypassed the NEA PAC to raise money for socialist candidate for Congress Bernard Sanders.

Oregon Research Institute Study
A study by Psychologists at the Oregon Research Institute found 14-year-old girls are twice as likely as boys the same age to be depressed.

Study in Central Texas Schools
A study in central Texas schools found that many rural schools are plagued by the same kind of violence usually associated with urban schools.

Joint Statement That Children Lack Fundamental Values
The National Conference of Catholic Bishops and The Synagogue Council charges in a joint statement that "children lack fundamental values like honesty, integrity, tolerance, loyalty, and belief in human worth and dignity." The statement calls for a national mobilization to instill common moral teachings in the public school curricula.

Michael DeSisto, Founder of DeSisto School Publishes Book
Michael DeSisto, founder of DeSisto School in Stockbridge, Mass., has just published a book titled DECODING YOUR TEENAGER. His national book tour will start with the NBC TODAY SHOW on Feb. 20. He has appearances scheduled in 12 cities ending with San Francisco on March 8.

Larry Wells of Wilderness Conquest Reports on Wilderness Programs
Larry Wells of Wilderness Conquest reports questions about last years deaths in other wilderness programs have tapered off. He also reports his program will work with young adults up to the mid-twenties, and are looking at organizing groups of exclusively adults and parents of any age starting in May. He also reports results from a survey that show that after a child and family go through Wilderness Conquest, marriages are better and relationships with ex-spouses improve.

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