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Seen 'n Heard - Dec, 1991 Issue (page 1).

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CEDU Opens Middle School for Pre-Teen Children
CEDU School, in southern California, has opened the CEDU Middle School for pre-teen children with emotional/behavioral problems. More information when I receive their brochure.

Loveland Farms Sends Holiday Greetings
Larry & Sherry Culp and all the children at Loveland Farms in Montana sends their holiday greetings to everybody.

Three Springs Announces Summer Program for Boys
Three Springs Outdoor Therapeutic Program for Boys, in Trenton, Alabama, announced a 60-day Therapeutic Summer Program for 1992 for boys ages 12-17. It focuses on assisting those youth who are experiencing emotional and/or behavioral problems but do not require long term residential treatment. For information phone 800-239-4028.

Devereux Foundation Awarded JCAH Accreditation
The Devereux Foundation, Texas Center in Victoria, was awarded JCAH accreditation with commendation on 9/23/91.

Larry & Karen Wells of Wilderness Conquest Takes Vacation
Larry and Karen Wells of Wilderness Conquest in Utah, after 20 years of handling all phases of their wilderness survival business, are currently giving themselves a much needed vacation. Along with resting up, they are looking at alternatives for the future. One possibility is to do a joint venture with a nationally respected treatment center which could take on the administrative, family, and marketing load. Another possibility would be to sell the business and equipment as a package. Regardless of what they decide, it's very likely we will be hearing more of them in the future in some capacity.

Rocky Mountain Academy Adds New Staff Member
Rocky Mountain Academy in North Idaho, has added Dr. Terry Iddins as their staff consulting psychiatrist. Dr. Iddins has been preparing some faculty and staff training sessions, as well as putting together a professional team of specialists including psychologists and medical doctors when necessary.

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