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Opinion & Essays - Dec, 1991 Issue 

Anasazi Survey
By Anasazi

When 40 randomly selected parents of ANASAZI graduates were asked "What are the specific things that have changed/improved?", the following percentage of parents identified the item listed as a problem before ANASAZI, and recognized improvement since returning home.

Parents 87.5%
Brothers/Sisters 77.7%
Friends 68.4%

Household 58.8%
Curfew/Punctuality 63.2%
Dependability 65.8%

School Performance
Attitude 82.4%
Attendance 59.4%
Grades 64.5%

Temper/Violence 82.9%
Drugs 81.2%
Alcohol 87.8%
Smoking 68.6%
Morality/Sex 68.6%

Personal Values
Honesty 68.6%
Spirituality 74.4%
Church Attendance 70.6%

Disposition/Depression 73.7%
Suicide 95.2%"

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