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New Perspectives - Dec, 1991 Issue 

Buckeye Boys Ranch
(614) 875-2371
Grove City, Ohio
Executive Director: Leslie A. Bostic, Ph.D.

Mr. Bostic tells me they are currently changing their marketing to obtain referrals nationally. Although most of their current population of children are funded by state agencies, the Ranch does have a few children funded by insurance, and want to expand the numbers funded privately. The new Director of Admissions, Sally Pedon, is ready to help parents find ways to fund their child's enrollment.

On the spectrum of intervention, Mr. Bostic places the Ranch as a Residential Treatment Center working with children with more serious emotional problems, and feels the Ranch would be a good alternative for children who do not respond well to the structure of a typical Special Purpose school.

The following is a description of one of the methods they have integrated into their system. Their experience might be informative for those schools using experiential learning.

The "Ranch utilizes an innovative, experientially-based therapeutic program called Kinetic Learning Methods (KLM). This adjunctive therapy was developed by Auxiliary Services Director, Doug Kuhn, Ph.D. KLM is a process learning model which integrates recreational experiences with group counseling and problem-solving.

During weekly KLM sessions, residents participate in action-oriented group games, challenges such as high ropes and low ropes courses, centering and balancing exercises and relaxation techniques. These movement/kinetic experiences are then integrated with self-expression and problem-solving sessions.

Through KLM experiences, youth learn how to identify and manage feelings, improve impulse control, handle stress, communicate more effectively and accept failure as well as success. Opportunity is provided for individual goal work within the context of KLM sessions.

Particular values in the KLM approach are: it is an enjoyable means of learning, involves the whole person, affords an opportunity for practice and trying various alternatives, provides immediate feedback and involves physical movement which serves to dissipate tension and reinforce learning."

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