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News & Views - Aug, 1990 Issue 


George Linthicum, Child Development Specialist from Portland, Oregon, in the January 1990 issue of Atlantic Monthly, asserts Ritalin is the "Valium for the under-twelve set.... When doctors prescribe medication for a behavior, they should insist on an equal dose of parenting classes or family counseling."

A study of 195 adolescents at Covenant House in Toronto found that 86% reported some form of physical abuse at home, helping cause them to run away to the streets. They saw the streets as safer than home.

Privatization and Educational Choice, by Myron Lieberman. New York: St. Martin's Press. The author presents and defends his view that "... the only ways to improve American education are to (1) foster private schools that compete with public schools and among themselves and/or (2) foster for-profit competition among service providers within the public school system."

Teacher Magazine, May 1990. Fred Gibson, an educator from Thermal, Calif. writes: "The administrator-in-charge model is ideal for the factory concept of education, but it is counterproductive in a system that demands individual initiative and personal and professional strength in teachers."

Janis Gabay, 1990 National Teacher of the year, attributes her success to "Teaching to the whole child, not simply to that part of him or her that needs language-arts skills."

South Dakota has the lowest teacher salaries in the nation and is 43rd in per pupil spending, yet ranks 3rd in SAT scores and 5th in ACT scores. The reasons suggested for this high accomplishment with lower dollars spent are: l. Families stay together. 2. Schools are small and are centers of community life. 3. Old-fashioned values such as hard work, responsibility, and self-discipline still dominate.

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