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Seen 'n Heard - Jun, 1990 Issue (page 2).

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Thomas O'Dell of Devereux Glenholme Proud of New Brochure
Thomas O'Dell of Devereux Glenholme School is proud of their brand new brochure. They will send one out to anyone who requests by writing 81 Sabbaday Lane, Washington, Connecticut 06793, or calling 203-868-7377.

Cator of St. Paul, MN, Specializing in Program Studies
Cator, of St. Paul, MN, a company that specializes in program evaluation effectiveness studies, is moving to enter the field of evaluations for Special Purpose Schools and Program.

Larry Stednitz, of Capistrano-by-the-Sea Develops Assessment Program
Larry Stednitz, of Capistrano-by-the-Sea in Southern California, reports he is developing an assessment program that can provide short term evaluation and hospitalization to stabilize a child, and then refer the child, when needed, on to a long term Special Purpose school or hospital, depending on what the child's need is.

RMA in North Idaho has Graduation
RMA, in North Idaho, graduated 22 students on March 17, leaving 126 students on campus.

Larry Dean Olson's Anasazi Has Graduation
Larry Dean Olson's Anasazi wilderness survival in Arizona has their graduation one year after finishing on the trail, the student going through the graduation ceremonies only if he or she has successfully completed the assigned post-expedition work.

Carl Funboe Reports on School Choice
Carl Funboe, President of the Washington Association of Independent Schools, reports the Bush Administration has eliminated private schools from consideration of School Choice, but the Administration is doing little or nothing to promote any Choice Legislation.

Lon Woodbury Nominated as a Candidate for State Representative
Lon Woodbury, publisher of Special Purpose Schools Reports, Bonners Ferry, Idaho, was nominated by the First Legislative District Republican Central Committee to replace Bill Pogue as a candidate for state representative. His opponent is a public school teacher and a National Education Association activist.

Rich Evans Leaves Pine Crest Hospital
Rich Evans has left Pine Crest hospital in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to develop adolescent outpatient programs in Denver, CO.

Spirit Mountain Treatment Center in North Idaho
Spirit Mountain Treatment Center in North Idaho estimates 75% of their students have an Insurance Company covering at least part of their tuition. They also always have two or three Native American girls in the program.

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