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Schools, Programs, & Visit Reports - Nov, 1989 Issue 

El Dorado
Lowell & Bonnie Carlson
Lon Woodbury's Visit

I am told the name means a place of many riches, and this ranch school is now ready for students. Lowell and Bonnie Carlson have 305 acres nestled at the base of the North Idaho Selkirk Mountain range. There are sheep, geese, chickens, and other farm animals waiting for young people to learn responsibility through taking care of them. Lowell is a certified teacher and has commitments from other certified teachers and experienced counselors to work with the children as El Dorado grows.

Lowell and Bonnie Carlson have long had a calling to help children with problems. Lowell has been a teacher, public school administrator, and inter-denominational minister. They have been foster parents for many years, specializing in working with kids with behavioral problems.

The Carlsons are looking to help boys with behavior problems between the ages of 10 and 14. Their focus is to keep the tuition affordable and will consider partial scholarships when the cash flow allows. Christian instruction is available when a child wishes it, but will not be required or pushed. Since there are so few non-hospital programs working with pre-teens, you might want to check this out. I have volunteered to help them with admissions screening and if you have any questions, please call me for more information.

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