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News & Views - Nov, 1989 Issue 

Teacher Magazine

Sept/Oct 1989, Vol. 1, No. 1
Premier Issue
Reviewed by Lon Woodbury

At last, an education magazine that looks at teachers as educated professionals rather than just as technicians. It seems especially strong in covering some of the attempts at reforming education from around the country. All points of view seem to be accepted as legitimate topics for discussion in this magazine.

Special purpose schools and programs, such as the ones talked about in this newsletter, have one assumption in common. That is, nothing can really happen in the education of a child until he or she has the emotional maturity to make positive choices. Mainstream education could learn much from looking at special purpose schools and programs. Instead of "reinventing the wheel," the mainstream educator could find many successful schools which have already solved the problems of how to deal with the "at-risk" student. It is much easier to borrow from a successful program than to invent from scratch.

Actually, educators do seem to realize the importance of character and emotional growth to successful education, at least so far as individual cases. But, this seems to be placed in the background when "important" issues are discussed such as physical plant, educational philosophy, curriculum development, etc.

What impressed me about the Premier issue of TEACHER was the number of times reference was made to something related to character, in the context of education.

"School should be a place where close relationships with adults and peers create a climate for personal growth and intellectual development" In evaluating a program using computers. "It was successful in areas you really cannot measure on paper--like motivation self-concepts...."

"Before I can teach a child how to read, write, and think I must help the child create within himself a feeling of self-confidence and purpose, and I must be an all-around emotional support."

"When someone pays you a little personal attention, you have more of a reason to participate." "I find the most effective teachers are the ones who establish rapport with the kids, the ones the kids like...."

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