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Cherokee Creek Boys School
Parent Letter

Update on our son

Hi Kathy,

Well, we are progressing here and our visit two weeks ago was a tremendous help. We've had a few blips on the radar screen, but with limited use of the computer and cell phone, we've found (and XXXXX just admitted) he's doing far better than he's ever done. I wanted to also update you on his academics since we just received his 6 week progress report. I will list the subject, grade and teacher's comments for each subject as follows:

Biology A
You do a very thorough job on your assignments and get them in on time. You are insightful and participate in class discussions. I would like to see you spend some additional time on test preparation. I think you will be happy with the result.

English/American Lit A
You are an outstanding student who strives to do your best at all times. It as been a pleasure teaching you in English so far this semester. You consistently ask insightful questions about the material that we read in class and you contribute meaningfully to class discussions. Keep up the good work.

World History A
Clearly time spent outside of class allows you to thoroughly prepare for the various assignments in World History. Careful attention to due dates coupled with a commitment to accuracy helps you to consistently turn in "A: lever homework. Additionally, presentation papers stand out for their clarity and informational value. Maintain your focus through the next six weeks.

Geometry A (yes, Nick, that is an A :>)
The first few weeks of geometry have been tough, but you have shown your endurance the way you come to class every day prepared to try your best with whatever you are given. Continue to give the same 100% effort and you will see improvement. Remember that I am available (after school, lunch, etc.) if you want any extra help.

French A
I have enjoyed having you in class thus far. I like that you do extra exercises, and its helpfulness shows in your grasping of the language, but I would like for you to slow that down a bit in class and keep up with our pace, as it distracts you from participating effectively. I look forward to continuing the semester with you.

Personal Fitness 100
It is great having you in class. I appreciate the effort and enthusiasm you bring each day. Keep it up.

Horseback 1 99
It is such a pleasure to have you in class. You are showing great leadership with your hard work, positive attitude and helpfulness to others. Keep up the good work!

Please don't miss the miracle here. He's working, studying and turning in work independently of either my husband or myself. Also, this is the first time he has ever gotten straight A’s. Needless to say we made a very big deal out of this. Oh, and one more thing, please tell Mark and Nick that God placed our precious son exactly where he needed to be-with two masterful teachers who worked very hard to get this child to believe in himself against all odds. You taught him how to fight and get past the difficulties and not give up. You taught him the love of learning and what an education really means. We can certainly never repay everyone at Cherokee Creek Boys School who were all a huge part of this success story but we can share his successes with you all and rejoice in the fact that this was one tough little nut to crack but you did it!!!!!!!

We've had some bumps in the road, but we forge ahead and look at the successes we're sharing today and hope for a very bright and happy future.

God bless everyone and stay tuned for more miracles.

P.F. – Roswell Georgia
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