Family Foundation Responds To “Size Matters” Essay

Editors Note: To read the essay written by Lon Woodbury entitled “Size Matters” Click Here...

As an emotional growth boarding school with a current student population in excess of 200, we couldn’t agree more with your contention that “Size Matters” (Woodbury Reports, September 2005).

From our inception some thirty years ago, we’ve been a family-centered program, and each of our 200-plus students functions as part of a family. There are currently eight “families” at The Family Foundation School, each with 25-30 students and 15-20 staff members, for a maximum functional size of 50—well below your recommended 150.

Our families provide the closeness and structure in which students can and do develop healthy and responsible relationships with one another. The students eat, sleep, work and play within their assigned families. Their interaction with students from other families takes place in the classroom, on the athletic field, on stage—places where a student population of 200-plus is an advantage; where diverse backgrounds, talents and points of view can only strengthen the learning process.

So while your point, as always, is well taken, we would ask your readers to look beyond size to operating structure and philosophy when considering an emotional growth program. We know, for instance, that the high degree of staff-student integration at The Family Foundation School also contributes to our success. In fact, this is the subject of a workshop we’ll be presenting at the IECA Conference in Philadelphia in November. We hope to see you and many of your readers there.

Best regards,

Emmanuel Argiros, President
The Family Foundation School
Hancock, New York

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