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Vicki Allen
Letter to the Editor

I have not been on this site for many months. This is because we are completely comfortable with his TBS, Hidden Lake Academy, and with his progress there.

Our son has been there since last February, almost a year. He is nurtured, well-counseled, and is receiving a good education in his senior year. We have never questioned the motives, sincerity, or caring of the primary staff at this school.

Have there been problems? A few, but similar to what you experience with any school.

In 2006, disgruntled parents filed a lawsuit which I understand primarily complains of unqualified staff. Mind you, they let their child graduate before they filed suit. Remember that anyone can sue for anything and say anything they wish in the suit or on the internet. It does not mean it's true.

This suit has reduced admissions and could threaten the life of this school. What a travesty that would be for those of us who have children there who are thriving and those who need a school like this.

My husband and I are both lawyers and I am also an RN. We are credible people, cautious, concerned, and involved. Please feel free to contact me privately if you would like to talk about HLA from a parent's perspective. I have no respect for people who file suit for selfish motives. These people certainly are not thinking of those students who are thriving there or those that need just such care.

Vicki Allen

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