James Meyer M.A.
Letter to the Editor

James Meyer M.A.
Executive Director
Oakley School
Oakley Utah


To whom it may concern,

I am writing to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Friends of Families. As the director of a large therapeutic boarding school, many times I face difficult decisions. Last year we were faced with just such an unenviable dilemma. We had a student who was excelling at our school, with a family that was supportive and engaged. Unfortunately, the cost of the school was becoming prohibitive. As we had exhausted all of our scholarship funds we were at a loss. We wanted the student to continue to receive services, yet faced a financial reality.

To our great delight Friends of Families stepped in and helped this young woman realize her dreams. Brandi Elliot and Dr. Jim Powell were instrumental in making sure this student received the care, education and support she needed to finish her stay. The organization is positive, directed and beneficial to families. I have the most sincere respect and gratitude to Friends of Families for helping make the care of kids and families a priority.

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