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Linda Kosin
Letter to the Editor

What a surprise when I opened my email just a few minutes ago and saw that your latest review was on the program our son is currently attending. Our son has been at Introspections Costa Rica since the middle of August (he is one of the younger ones there) and what you observed has confirmed my impressions of the program and staff. Having not been able to take our son there (per the request of the program) where we could meet the staff, see the living arrangements and acquaint ourselves with CR, my husband and I were very apprehensive to say the least. Over the last few months we have become more confident in our decision as well as in his recovery process and adaptation to his new surroundings. I think my son, may have been the one you mentioned about his poetry writing.

I really appreciate your report - I will be sending this onto family and friends. It is hard to explain where and what your son is doing and you did a great job helping us see and experience ICR.

Thank you,

Linda Kosin
Bellevue WA

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